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David J. Ward
Certified Locksmith
Certified Professional Security Consultant

talk to your local locksmith about adding stackable safes to the inside of a larger safe for added security-or just throw a stackable gunsafe or lock box into the larger safe-and lock the door-just a hint

background criminal check


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Working relationships need to be protected too!  Run a background check on your clients!

A large percentage of violent crimes everywhere are committed with a stolen gun. Keeping a trigger lock securely in place also makes it impossible for a child to accidentally discharge a weapon left lying around. Better yet keep all of your firearms in a secure gun safe.

these are siren alarm padlocks shown below-they make a very loud noise when tampered with!!

Depending upon the jurisdiction, a false police report may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Misdemeanor charges may result in jail terms of one year or less. Typically, the defendant must also pay fines. If a person is charged with a felony, they may be looking at more than a year in jail and substantial fines. The person who made the false report may also be liable in a civil suit, such as if their report caused damage to another's reputation.

At the federal level, the consequences become even more serious. A false report that involves terrorism is treated the most severely, with prison terms of between seven and 20 years being common. The courts may also consider a false report of terrorism as a violent crime even if no violence occurred.

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I would be willing to bet that if someone offered a $1000 reward for the identity of persons that create and write malcious malware and other harmful invasive virus programs, that a lot would change for the better. I believe that persons who create these programs with the criminal intent to cause harm and disruption to the property and livelihoods of others should have their identities made public and their pictures shown on television news programs and billboards,  just like pediphiles, so that everyone would know who they are and what they do!! These people cost the public worldwide hundreds of millions of dollars a year in several various kinds and types of damages!!     written by David J Ward

Multi-colored Assorted Padlocks (2-Pack) - $3.75

These pad locks may come in various styles and colors,?each about the same size.

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More than anyone or anything else in life-the persons who have told lies against me-mostly proven to do so out of spite or for profit or because they really and truthfully are crazy-have done more damage and cost me more dearly than anything else-I shudder and have nightmares about some of the lies that people have told about me-another one of my main inspirations for the creation of the design program for the internet-I can always prove where I am at anytime-by the permanent record of the IP address and other electronic info usually stored by the companies and stores that I communicate with thru the internet-even if I have to stop somewhere and visit the local public library-one of my main ambitions in life has always been to show the world what and who the liars really are and prove their lies for what they really are-lies. No better way of proving a persons innocence and showing false accusers for what they really are has ever existed in the history of man!!
 I am really proud of myself for that!!

One piece of advice- as well as leaving a signature or a having a conversation with the librarian at the local public library-logging into ebay or yahoo mail is the best known public location record!!


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